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New Patients at Access Dental Services

We warmly welcome new patients of all ages to our clinic. Every member of our team endeavours to stick to our schedule, minimising any possible waiting times. When you arrive, you’ll be seen promptly. We have a dedicated Oral Health Hygienist team who take care of the prevention and maintenance side of the practice.

Emergency Visits

Access Dental Services reception areaIf your initial appointment is due to a dental emergency, we will perform a full examination. Then, after determining the problem, we’ll take a step-by-step approach to solving it. Our holistic approach means we consider the big picture of your whole body health, not simply finding a quick, temporary fix.

Checkup and Cleans

If you’re seeing us for the first time to get a checkup and clean, you can plan on being with us for about an hour. We’ll perform a full examination and take X-rays, pictures and OPG or cone beam imaging if needed. Your dentist will discuss their findings with you, and if necessary, plan out future treatment. We can calculate all out-of-pocket costs for you before embarking on any treatment.

Get Started

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