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Dr David Liu, BDSc (Hons) (Qld), Associate Dentist

Dr David LiuFor Dr Liu, the most fulfilling aspect of being a dentist is empowering patients to achieve their oral health goals, whether that is to have a brighter, whiter, more aesthetic smile or simply eat more comfortably. “I love helping make my patients’ lives better.”

Deciding on the Dental Path

As a younger child, Dr Liu once had a toothache that was perhaps one of the worst pains he had ever experienced, so he knows just how debilitating dental issues can be. “As you can imagine, it was quite a confronting experience going to a dentist for an emergency treatment.”

Now that he’s on the other side of the chair as the dentist, Dr Liu hopes to use his skills and knowledge to alleviate the stress and anxiety that is commonly associated with dentistry. He truly believes that everyone deserves to have good teeth no matter their circumstance.

Education & Professional Development

To prepare for his dental career, Dr Liu earned a Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours) from the University of Queensland in 2021. He also has completed the following:

  • IAADENT Comprehensive Implant Course by Dr Kenneth Lee
  • TCP Implant Marathon (Cambodia)
  • Advanced Injectable Resin Techniques for Tooth Wear and Aesthetic Rehabilitation by Dr Christopher Ho
  • Masterprep by A/Prof Max Guazzato
  • ADAQ Composite Restorations – Aesthetics, Beauty, Colour by Dr Lan Tran
  • ADAQ Molar Endodontics by Dr Jonathan Moore
  • ADAQ Oral Surgery Module 1,2 by A/Prof Anthony Lynham

Dr Liu has also received extensive training in implant dentistry, so if you have a missing tooth that you’d like to replace, please contact the clinic to arrange a consultation.

In His Spare Time

When he’s not caring for patients’ smiles, Dr Liu enjoys tennis, board games and reading. “Please let me know if you would like a hit or have any book or game recommendations!”

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